Sacagawea Dollar Mintages

Sacagawea Dollar mintagesDespite some concerted efforts, the Sacagawea Dollar never gained widespread circulation. For decades the government had touted the potential cost savings for issuing dollar coins rather than dollar notes, but the public never changed its behavior. Many believe that as long as the dollar notes continue to be printed, the public will not switch to coins.

Sacagawea Dollar mintages illustrate the initial high hopes for the series and the eventual return to reality. In the first year of issue, well over one billion coins were struck. The coins were released amidst numerous promotional efforts. When it became apparent that the coins were not circulating as anticipated, production levels were slashed in the following year.

From 2002 onwards, the coins were only struck to fulfill the demand from collectors. The United States Mint offered the coins in mint sewn bags or specially packaged rolls, which were priced at a premium to their face value. Sales generally diminished as the series drew to a close in 2008.

2000-P 767,140,000
2000-D 518,916,000
2001-P 62,468,000
2001-D 70,939,500
2002-P 3,865,610
2002-D 3,732,000
2003-P 3,080,000
2003-D 3,080,000
2004-P 2,660,000
2004-D 2,660,000
2005-P 2,520,000
2005-D 2,520,000
2006-P 4,900,000
2006-D 2,800,000
2007-P 3,640,000
2007-D 3,920,000
2008-P 1,820,000
2008-D 1,820,000