Sacagawea Dollars

The Sacagawea Dollar was launched by the United States Mint in the year 2000 amidst much fanfare. It was a newly designed small size dollar coin with a unique golden color. Eventually, the series only lasted nine short years, with just two years produced for circulation. Nonetheless, it maintains an important place in history and is popular with many collectors.

The series included coins struck for circulation at the Denver and Philadelphia Mints. Proof coins were also minted each year at the San Francisco Mint. Starting in the year 2002, the Philadelphia and Denver mints only produced Sacagawea Dollars for collectors. The coins were issued in government mint sets and US Mint issued bags and rolls. This created a number of years with attractively low mintages.

Sacagawea Dollar

Starting in the year 2005, the Mint Set issued coins were struck with a special satin finish. This finish differed from regular business strikes and creates another type of coins usually attributed "SMS." These coins were originally found within the annual uncirculated coin sets.

The lowest mintages occurred in 2008, which was also the final year of the series. These coins had 1.82 million coins struck at each mint facility and have commanded a premium above other dates.

In the following year, a new series was launched to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of Native Americans. The obverse design featuring Sacagawea and child was retained with some minor alterations. The reverse design would feature an annually rotating design.

On this site you will find a full selection of PCGS and NGC certified Sacagawea Dollar coins from all years of issue. A selection of complete sets and special issue "Goodacre Presentation" strikes are also available.